About the Artist

I am a self-taught artist of Cuban and Mexican descent, yet I am an American. I am extremely proud of my cultural heritage. My heart sings for joy when listening to Cuban music, as it sings for joy when listening to mariachi. It’s in my soul, it’s who I am. Often in my paintings, I try to capture my cultural heritage. I am married to an incredible man, who keeps me grounded, and we have three amazing sons.

My father was a political refugee from Cuba and my mother, a Mexican immigrant. My parents worked ever so hard to give my siblings and I a different and better life than they had growing up in their home countries. I paint every day because my art liberates me. As cliché as it sounds, I feel alive when I paint. It’s my moment.

My paintings are often painted with the most vibrant of colors which represent to me, the awesome energy of life. I want people to feel the energy and emotions that radiate from my paintings.

My paintings are a reflection of my life, my journey, and the things that are important to me, as influenced by my surroundings: people, places, cultures, and things that I love.

My hope is that after you see my paintings, that you walk away with a desire to tell your story, to think about your personal and unique life and journey. As crazy and complicated as it may be, it’s your story. This is a glimpse of mine.

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